Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between legal headhunters and Atlas Counsel Search?
Legal headhunters help businesses find lawyers to hire fulltime.  ACS helps them find lawyers for individual transactions or lawsuits.
Does Atlas Counsel Search recommend just one lawyer?
ACS will undertake to find at least one competent, experienced lawyer with the right expertise and personality to handle your legal assignment.  And ACS will make diligent efforts to find several such lawyers so you can select the one you want to represent you.
Are the recommended lawyers compensated or employed by Atlas Counsel Search?
No. ACS does not seek or accept payment from the lawyers we propose.  The lawyers we recommend are not affiliated in any way with, and are not employees, subcontractors, or partners of, ACS.
What is Atlas Counsel Search’s hourly rate?
ACS does not charge an hourly rate for the service of identifying and recommending lawyers to you.   Rather, ACS charges a flat fee based on the nature of the project and the difficulty of finding the expertise needed.
Is an attorney-client relationship created from this service?
No attorney-client relationship is created between you and ACS in your discussion with ACS about its search function or in ACS’s efforts to find and recommend lawyers for your consideration.
Does Atlas Counsel Search work only with clients in Texas?
No.  ACS works with clients across the United States and around the world.
Does Atlas Counsel Search only recommend lawyers in Texas?
No.  ACS can recommend lawyers across the United States, Mexico, Canada, England, most EU and other developed countries, and select additional locations.
Does Atlas Counsel Search exclude potentially conflicted counsel?
If you provide the names of potentially adverse parties, ACS will screen lawyers and attempt to eliminate in advance those with obvious conflicts.
Does Atlas Counsel Search provide services to potentially adverse parties in my matter?
ACS will not provide counsel search services for the same matter to any of the actual or potential adverse parties you identify.
What is Atlas Counsel Search’s policy regarding confidentiality?
Unless otherwise ordered by a court, ACS will not, without your express authorization, divulge to anyone your identity, the identity of parties you believe are adverse to you, or anything more than a very general description of your matter.
What other services does Atlas Counsel Search provide?
For an additional fee, generally charged by the hour, ACS can provide any of the following services: (1) help you negotiate the fee or arrangement with the lawyer you choose to hire from those suggested by ACS, (2) manage and/or evaluate the relationship with the lawyer you select, and (3) oversee, manage, and/or evaluate the relationship you have with lawyers ACS did not help you select.