What We Do

   Atlas Counsel Search helps clients (businesses, charities, people) find lawyers they need for important transactions and lawsuits.
  Our goal is to identify a lawyer who will give you the service you deserve.
   Mismatches can cause complications and unnecessary expense.  We believe businesses and people need to find competent counsel at the outset.

Does this sound familiar?

You or your business needs a lawyer to handle a transaction or lawsuit, locally or in another city, perhaps involving a subject for which you have no legal contacts.  Typically, you would:

                 a. ask a business colleague for a referral to lawyers with whom the colleague had a good experience, or
                 b. ask for suggestions from outside counsel who have worked with the business, relying on outside counsel’s contacts, or
                 c. ask friends for leads.

All too often you end up with a lawyer who lacks necessary expertise or competence, but you don’t realize the problem until well into the project or lawsuit.  This mismatch can lead to major complications and unnecessary expense.

Atlas Counsel Search can help you avoid these problems.  We understand the importance of finding the right lawyer for the right assignment and doing so at the outset of the engagement.

For a flat fee, Atlas Counsel Search will undertake to find you at least one competent, experienced lawyer with the right expertise and personality to handle your legal assignment.  And we will make diligent efforts to find several such lawyers so you can select the one you want to represent you.  ACS does not seek or accept payment from the lawyers we propose.  We are not affiliated with any other lawyers or law firms.  Using 25+ years of experience and meaningful connections in the legal arena, Atlas Counsel Search uses unbiased judgment to look for the legal relationship that will give you the service you deserve.

 If you provide the names of potentially adverse parties, Atlas Counsel Search will screen lawyers and attempt to eliminate in advance those with obvious conflicts.  Additionally, on request, for an additional charge, ACS will help you negotiate a sensible fee arrangement with your preferred lawyer and/or manage or evaluate that legal relationship periodically thereafter.  ACS is also willing, under a different arrangement, to oversee, manage, or evaluate the relationship you have with lawyers ACS did not help you select.

Our clients come first.  Our clients deserve comprehensive, confidential, independent, and unbiased advice.  Unless otherwise ordered by a court, Atlas Counsel Search will not, without your express authorization, divulge to anyone your identity, the identity of parties you believe are adverse to you, or more than a very general description of your matter.   Atlas Counsel Search does not seek or accept payment from the lawyers we propose to you.  As our client, you deserve an unfaltering, independent ally.